When needed, the sound of hammers and the droning of drills is the finest hymn of all.
— Homeowner

Our Mission

Rebuilding Together strives to bring together volunteers and businesses to improve the homes and lives of low-income homeowners in Petaluma. This activity sets in motion a continual cycle of renewal, community building and civic engagement. We include nearly all aspects of home repair to assure that residents can live in warmth, safety and independence.

our work

We have been a part of the Petaluma community for 20 years and each year we mobilize more than 600 dedicated volunteers to repair between 50 and 60 homes. 

Twice a year, in April and October, we coordinate a Rebuilding Day during which we repair between 5 and 10 homes in a single day with the help of our amazing community. For urgent needs such as homes with leaking roofs or homes without heat or running water, we also provide year round emergency services. 

Homeowners who are low-income, particularly elderly, disabled and/or families with children are eligible for our services. Non-profit organizations may also apply for repairs for their facilities. Those seeking our services or more information should go to Apply Online or call (707) 765-3944.

Watch this short Rebuilding Together Petaluma Documentary and see what we are all about!

Rebuilding Together National

We are part of a network of Rebuilding Together affiliates dedicated to helping repair the homes of low-income homeowners.  The organization, founded in Texas in 1973 and originally named Christmas in April now has 166 affiliates across 41 states. Together we repair upwards of 10,000 homes annually.

Rebuilding Together is a member of the National Center for Healthy Housing’s Safe and Healthy Homes Coalition, a network community of 225 organizations with the shared purpose of promoting and providing safe and healthy housing in the United States.

To learn more about the Rebuilding Together national organization visit their website