When needed, the sound of hammers and the droning of drills is the finest hymn of all.
— Homeowner

Our Mission

Repairing homes, revitalizing communities, rebuilding lives.

OUr vision

Safe homes and communities for everyone.

our work

We are dedicated to repairing the homes of our neighbors in need. Each April and October, we coordinate a Rebuilding Day, repairing between 5 and 10 homes. For urgent needs, we also provide year round emergency services. 

We have been serving Petaluma for more than 20 years. Each year, we mobilize more than 600 dedicated volunteers to repair between 40 and 60 homes and community spaces.

Petaluma homeowners in need, particularly seniors, disabled individuals, and families with children are eligible for our services. Non-profit organizations may also apply for repairs to facilities.

Those seeking our services or more information should fill out our application or call (707) 765-3944.

Watch this short Rebuilding Together Petaluma Documentary and see what we are all about!

Rebuilding Together National

In 1973, community members of Midland, Texas formed a small organization dedicated to repairing the homes of their neighbors in need. They called themselves Christmas in April, and every Spring they would lead volunteers in home repair and revitalization projects. 

This small organisation eventually gained national recognition and grew into Rebuilding Together, a network of affiliates across the United States still dedicated to the original goal of neighbors helping neighbors. 

To learn more about Rebuilding Together National, visit their website

Or click to see RT National's report: Repairing Homes & Rebuilding Lives: Key findings about our work with older adults in 2014-2017.