You made me feel like I was doing you a favor by letting you come to my home to help me. You treated me with such respect and dignity.
— Homeowner

Who we Serve

We serve low-income homeowners who live within Petaluma City limits and who cannot perform the necessary repairs themselves. 

The people that we help in our community are typically

  • senior citizens
  • veterans
  • disabled persons
  • low income families with children.

Non-profit organizations serving the community may also apply for repairs to their facilities.

The Process

  • There is no fee to apply. Homeowners must complete an application form. RTP staff is happy to assist with this process.
  • An RTP staff member will make an initial visit to take photos of the work needing to be done.
  • The application is then reviewed by our Site Management Committee (SMC), which is made up of skilled trades people and experienced house captains.
  • An SMC member will visit the homeowner and make a final determination based on eligibility criteria and the scope of work.
  • If work is approved we will have a team at your house during the next possible workday (April or October).

If you are experiencing urgent problems such as no heat, a leaky roof, or other problems that are too crucial to wait until our April or October build days. Our Year Round program allows us to address those issues on a case-by-case basis throughout the year.

All repairs are free for homeowners.


Download and Print Application here

Or Apply Here

List of needed documentation is at the bottom of the page. Please gather these before filling out the application as you will need to mail or email us these documents in order to be considered for rebuilding aid. 

Name *
Address *
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Include in this order their name, age, relationship to homeowner, monthly gross income, and income source. Please start new line for each individual.

Documention Required

Once you have filled out the above application, please mail or email us the following documents.

  • A copy of your most current PG&E Water bills
  • A copy of your most current house payment coupon or mobile home registration document
  • A copy of 1 year Tax Returns for each person in the household with an income OR a copy of your benefit statement if you are not required to file taxes
  • A copy of all pages of your last TWO bank statements - all accounts